have another level of convenience,

value that was never before in the world

Publet are cryptocurrency wallets that provide unprecedented convenience and fast experience.
In a market where there are numerous cryptocurrency Wallets, Publet are the best.
Faster payment, more convenient payment, and actually available market. I've insisted on these three things.
With a fast-paced payment system that you've never experienced before, you can share the best experience and feel more convenient in a growing market. Publet that make real value in the market of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, I hope you will join us now.

Experience a visible evolution.

The evolution of cryptocurrency Wallet.
Publet convey more than satisfaction to you.

at a glance everywhere

Publet for all users around the world can easily identify the assets they have in various countries as well as cryptocurrency.

endless scalability

Cryptocurrency, which is partnered with the Publet, continues to expand through fast, secure systems and users in the Publet Ecosystem, just like Bitcoin


at any time

The remittances within the publication are completed immediately, regardless of date and time. Enjoy faster remittance experiences with more users.

thorough security

It provides users with the best experience and the best security; the publet supports biometrics such as Face ID, fingerprint recognition, and more secure transactions.



a one-touch cryptocurrency wallet

 Another Convenience

Users can make payments and transfer cryptocurrency simply by touching it once through a pamphlet. Intuitive interface with no complex and difficult manipulation makes it easy for anyone to use.

Another Speed

Payments made within the Publet Network are not only convenient, but also proceed at a near real-time rate. Take advantage of the many services you haven't used at a slow pace without delay.

Affordable and stable

Even any size of cryptocurrency transmission on the pamphlet does not incur any fees for transactions between the users of the pamphlet. In addition, if payment is made through the brochure, the Publet merchant can provide the best service to the customer at a low price without incurring any fees.



break down the wall of transition

In cryptocurrency exchange has been the biggest barrier to cryptocurrency use, so the publet has supported swap functions to make it faster and more convenient.

Assets in the publet are converted in real time through currency swaps and are freely available anytime, anywhere. In addition, all of these processes are not charged fees and are completed by touching only twice without a cumbersome procedure.

*Currency swap is limited to some currencies.

How to Use

For those who have never used a publet before,
I'll show you how to use it easil

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Are you still hesitating?

You don't have to worry.
Publet have used cryptocurrency wallets so far to address all complaints they have.
Download it right now.


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